What is Vehicle Geometry & Alignment?

Many performance and prestige vehicles generally have a full range of steering, suspension and wheel alignment adjustments available such as Caster, Camber, Toe, Bump etc.  Our advanced 3D High Definition setup and tuning equipment allows us to undertake anything from basic front wheel alignment to full geometry setups and four wheel alignment.

Correct vehicle geometry will reduce tyre wear, reduce emissions, offer greater road holding ability and stability with less tyre scrub.

Why HD Alignment?

We use the latest 3D Digital High Definition Imaging equipment which is able to accurately map a 3D image, both before and after with real time live adjustments on screen.

Should you have a full track day setup, road going Porsche or a standard Nissan 370Z, we will be able to match the service to your needs, including weighting the vehicle down to the manufacturer required specification or to suit your own needs and requirements.

Ride Height

With many vehicles high performance vehicles now offering ride height adjustability alongside the huge assortment of aftermarket upgrades, our 3D HD system enables us to fine tune the geometry and alignment of your modified performance, track, race, supercar or hypercar to suit your driving preferences, style and vehicle usage.


If your vehicle does not have specific adjustments available as part of the OEM build - for example caster, we are able to source or even design and fit upgraded components to allows these adjustments to be carried out. After which we can offer a full 3D Alignment and Geometry setup bespoke for your vehicle.

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